Social Networking? Three’s a charm.

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.

That’s my mid-week confession. I’m continuously opening and closing the above three apps in that order on my phone. I can’t stop. I won’t stop.

Twitter: Last Sunday was the GRAMMYs, this Sunday will be the Super Bowl. This is my conduit for reading and writing and snarkily participating in those events. While I’m yet to be on the red carpet and can’t make it to MetLife Stadium, Twitter is there for me. Yes, I use it for news, but my favorite thing to do is join the chatter with with fellow viewers during large broadcasts.

Facebook: Are we friends? If not, let’s make it happen. Zuckerberg’s goldmine is my source for daily affirmation. Every time I post something, I get a warm feeling seconds later because, “You like me!” It’s the compliments, BuzzFeed links, and likes that keep me coming back.

Instagram: “The ‘Gram” is clutch. Seeing filtered photos is like picking up a crisp, glossy magazine at the airport to entertain you for the next four hours in transit. Its mindless, therapeutic scrolling lets you keep up with the Jones’s anywhere, any time. The best of this app includes behind-the-scenes looks of the Game of Thrones’ set, watching Sofia Vergara get pranked by her cast-mates, and catching FLOTUS throw shade (even if exaggerated). Instagram is voyeurism, and it’s en vogue.

While I confessed to my “Three Kings” of the social networks, I am gearing up to learn more about expanding my reach, courtesy of the JOUR7330 course led by the tenured Dr. Brown-Smith. In the next few months, I’ll be a rambling man trying out other sites and apps and learning to use all to their potential. My personal interest in social media is fueled by the people using it. If you’re here, you have an open-door policy. So, let’s #TurnUp.


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